JRC Brasil

Japan Radio Co. is one of the world’s leading company in wireless communication technology. And this means a lot: it has never been so easy to set up business and social connections as today, in the digital era, and everywhere in the world – to millions of persons. And we have been doing this for a long time now.  

Our history dates back to 1915, when JRC was a manufacturer of mechanical gears. Throughout the years, we became a leader in the development of new technologies on communication, navigation, and specialized areas, holding patents and launching a variety of industrial products. The world’s first cavity magnetron, which is still being used in radars, was developed by JRC in 1939.

Following historical and technological trends, JRC Brazil was established in 1975 to operate in the domestic market and provide commercial and after sales support to clients in Latin America.  

Today, JRC operates in several areas, maintaining its technological excellence in medical products, semiconductors, microwaves, communication and telecommunication on land and maritime applications, military forces and OEM contracts with other global manufacturers and distributors.  

Wireless technology supporting your business.